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Feeder Mount


For setups with separate Feeder and Media boxes, you will have newly downloaded media that will not be instantly available on cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive) and, therefore, inaccessible to Mediabox (e.g. Plex) when Sonarr/Radarr sends a media scan request.

To remedy this issue, you can use Saltbox's Feeder Mounter to mount your Feederbox's /mnt/local path, onto your Mediabox's /mnt/feeder location, so that you are able to play those newly downloaded media files even if they haven't been uploaded to the cloud.

Note: Running the below commands will replace your unionfs.service or mergerfs.service file. If you have any custom paths in there (e.g. /mnt/rclone), make sure you back that up and add them back in once you mount/dismount the Feederbox.


The following steps will be done on the Mediabox.

  1. In rclone config, create an sftp remote to your Feederbox called feeder (Here is an asciicast video walking through the process). The general process of creating an rclone remote is discussed here.

    Note: If you don't already have one, add the feederbox subdomain and point it to your Feederbox's IP address. If you are using Cloudflare, make sure CDN/Proxy is not enabled for this subdomain.

  2. Edit the rclone/remotes section of settings.yml:

      enabled: yes
        - remote: feeder
            mount: yes
            template: sftp
            union: yes
            upload: no
            upload_from: /mnt/local/Media
              enabled: no
              max_age: 504h
              size: 50G
      version: latest
  3. Run the following command:

    sb install mounts
  4. Your docker containers will restart and media on Feederbox will be available to them.

    Note: You do not need to do anything to your apps (eg no need to edit Plex library paths etc).