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Styled Error Pages

What is this?

If this flag is set in the adv_settings.yml:

  error_pages: yes

Common error pages can be displayed with some consistent styling, based on this system.

You will need to reinstall traefik after changing this setting:

sb install traefik

What themes are available?

There are initially seven "themes" available, which are stored in /opt/error_pages:

cats  ghost  hacker-terminal  l7-dark  l7-light  noise  shuffle

Samples of the themed pages can be viewed here

How do I change the theme?

The default theme is l7-dark.

Changing the theme can be done via the inventory:

error_pages_template: "hacker-terminal"

How do I enable the error pages?

Enable error pages per role by adding the following to the inventory as desired:

rolename_traefik_error_pages_enabled: true

rolename is, of course, the name of the role, as:

sonarr_traefik_error_pages_enabled: true

These error pages do not work with every app; do your own a/b testing to verify that nothing unexpected results.

You can find the Saltbox roles that are known to NOT work with:

grep -Ril "_traefik_error_pages_enabled: false" /srv/git/saltbox/roles | cut -d/ -f6 | sort -u

You can find the Sandbox roles that are known to NOT work with:

grep -Ril "_traefik_error_pages_enabled: false" /opt/sandbox/roles | cut -d/ -f5 | sort -u

Can I create a theme?

Duplicate one of the directories in /opt/error_pages and make your changes.