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What is it?

Cloudplow (CP) is a script created by l3uddz that has one main component as relates to Saltbox: it's an uploader to Rclone remote. Files are moved off local storage. With support for multiple uploaders (i.e. remote/folder pairings).

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Remote Uploader Function

As setup for Saltbox, Cloudplow uploads all the content in /mnt/local/Media/ (see Paths) to your cloud storage provider (e.g. Google Drive), after the folder reaches a 200 GB size threshold, when checked every 30 minutes.

Note: The size threshold and the check interval can be changed via steps mentioned on this page.

Google Drive Daily Upload Limit (click to expand)
Google Drive has a max upload limit of about 750GB per day. When this limit is reached, Google Drive will put you in a 24 hour soft ban. When Cloudplow detects this (with the phrase `Failed to copy: googleapi: Error 403: User rate limit exceeded`), uploading will be suspended for 25 hours (i.e. a 25 hour ban sleep), and upon waking up, it will resume its checking and uploading tasks. This feature is enabled by default. This method is better than running Rclone task with a bwlimit, becasuse you can just upload in bursts when the uploading resumes. _Note: The keywords or phrases that are used to monitor the ban, and the duration of the sleep time, can be changed at any time by editing the `config.json` file._ Cloudplow can also use service accounts to upload and work around this limitation.


Default config.json file

See Example Cloudplow configs.



Note: Config changes require a restart: sudo systemctl restart cloudplow.


Edit in your favorite code editor (with json highlighting) or even a unix editor like nano.

nano /opt/cloudplow/config.json

Note: The cloudplow config file is a JSON file. JSON files have a particular format and syntax. If you are unfamiliar with JSON formatting and syntax, don't edit this file until you have gained that familiarity. Here's a random YouTube video that will give you a ten-minute overview.

Modify Upload Threshold and Interval

    "uploader": {
        "google": {
            "check_interval": 30,
            "exclude_open_files": false,
            "max_size_gb": 200,
            "opened_excludes": [
            "size_excludes": [

"check_interval": How often (in minutes) Cloudplow checks the size of /mnt/local/Media.

"max_size_gb": Max size (in GB) Cloudplow allows /mnt/local/Media to get before starting an upload task.

  • Note: max_size_gb is rounded up, so it is advised to have it minimum 2GB or else it would attempt upload at each interval. Explanation below.

    • 1GB is basically anything in there.

    • 2GB is at least 1GB of data.

Plex Integration

Cloudplow can throttle Rclone uploads during active, playing Plex streams (paused streams are ignored).

  "plex": {
      "enabled": false,
      "url": "",
      "token": "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE",
      "poll_interval": 60,
      "max_streams_before_throttle": 1,
      "rclone": {
          "throttle_speeds": {
              "0": "1000M",
              "1": "50M",
              "2": "40M",
              "3": "30M",
              "4": "20M",
              "5": "10M"
          "url": "http://localhost:7949"

enabled - Change false to true to enable.

url - Your Plex URL.

token - Your Plex Access Token.

poll_interval - How often (in seconds) Plex is checked for active streams.

max_streams_before_throttle - How many playing streams are allowed before enabling throttling.


  • url - Leave as default.

  • throttle_speeds - Categorized option to configure upload speeds for various stream counts (where 5 represents 5 or more streams). M is MB/s.

    • Format:


Restart Cloudplow to apply the changes to the config.

sudo systemctl restart cloudplow


You can run a manual Cloudplow task from anywhere by just using the cloudplow command.

Manual Upload

To start uploading right away, regardless of what the folder size is:

cloudplow upload