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What is it?

NZBGet (by Andrey Prygunkov aka hugbug) is a very efficient, cross-platform usenet downloader.

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1. Accessing NZBGet

  • To access NZBGet, visit https://nzbget._yourdomain.com_

2. Settings


  • Download paths have already been specified, no need to change those.



  • Login settings are preset out of the box (user / passwd as set in accounts.yml).

Download Queue

  • Disk Space

  • By default, minimum disk space is set at 100000 (i.e. 100GB). When space goes lower than this, NZBGet will pause the queue. If you have a smaller hard drive, you will need to lower this setting.


  • DailyQuota

  • If you are using Google Drive and set up the 300 service accounts in Rclone you can ignore this.

  • Otherwise, if you are using Google Drive, it's recommended you set this to 750000 (i.e. 750GB), to coincide with the Google Drive daily upload limit.

3. Extensions

  • Location on server: /opt/scripts/nzbget.

  • Location within NZBGet: /scripts/nzbget.