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Can I install this on an ARM machine?

No. ARM is not supported.

Find your User ID (UID) and Group ID (GID)

Use the following commands to find out your account's user name and group info:



id `whoami`

You'll see a line like the following:

uid=XXXX(yourusername) gid=XXXX(yourgroup) groups=XXXX(yourgroup)

How to create a user account

  • Run the following commands line by line:
sudo useradd -m <username>
sudo usermod -aG sudo <username>
sudo passwd <username>
sudo chsh -s /bin/bash <username>
su <username>

Change shell of user account to bash

The generally correct way to do this is to change the setting and run sb install shell

If you want to do this outside the saltbox context, carry on.

How to check current shell:

echo $0


echo ${SHELL}

Run this command to set bash as your shell (where <user> is replaced with your username):

sudo chsh -s /bin/bash <user>
sudo reboot

How to fix permission issues

sb install fix-permissions

This will set permissions on /mnt/local, /opt and /home/<user> (where <user> is replaced with your username) to match saltbox' requirements and expectations.

If you have installed software that requires unusual permissions within any of these locations, you will need to restore those permissions yourself, as required.