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App Update

The info below will show you how to update your Saltbox apps, individually.


  • To update Saltbox as a whole (i.e. the core part and all the default roles), see Updating Saltbox.

  • Do not update the following apps within the app itself: Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, NZBGet, Ombi, Jackett, NZBHydra2, and Bazarr. If you do you may get the following error: Update process failed: Cannot install update because startup folder '/app' is not writable by the user 'hotio'.

Update to a newer version

Saltbox Apps How to update
Plex Ansible tag
Tautulli Ansible tag
AutoScan Ansible tag
Sonarr Ansible tag
Radarr Ansible tag
NZBGet Ansible tag
qbittorrent Ansible tag
Jackett Ansible tag
NZBHydra2 Ansible tag
Ombi Ansible tag
Organizr Update within the app
Portainer Ansible tag
Cloudplow Ansible tag
Emby Ansible tag

"How to update" options:

  • "Ansible tag"

See the next section on how to update Saltbox apps via their Ansible tag.

  • "Update within the app"

You can simply update within the app itself. Changes will persist after docker restarts.

  • "Container restart"

This means that the Docker container will auto-update the app on container restart. Currently nothing in Saltbox is updated in this way.

docker stop <name> && docker start <name>


docker restart <name>

Note: It's recommended to use docker stop/start <container> vs docker restart <container>, to prevent corrupting data, especially on apps like qbittorrent.

Ansible tags to update apps

When in doubt, you can always rerun the relevant Ansible tag to update the app.

Apps Ansible Tags
Plex plex
Tautulli tautulli
Sonarr sonarr
Radarr radarr
NZBGet nzbget
qbittorrent qbittorrent
Jackett jackett
NZBHydra2 nzbhydra2
Autoscan autoscan
Ombi ombi
Organizr organizr
Portainer portainer
Watchtower watchtower
Cloudplow cloudplow
Emby emby
Traefik traefik


  1. Run the tag command:
sb install TAG

Replace TAG with one of the above tags from the table.

You can also run multiple tags, by placing them next to each other, separated by a comma, without spaces (e.g. TAG1,TAG2).

Note: If the App is a docker container, running the update tag will rebuild and update the container.

Note: If you modified the container with flags like plex_name, you'll need to do the same thing here.