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Using code-server for editing

code-server is a version of VS Code that runs on your server. It's friendlier than something like nano, and you can use it anywhere you can get at your domain.

install code-server

sb install sandbox-code-server

initial setup

By default, code-server will be available at [https://code-server.yourdomain.tld].

The password is the one you set in accounts.yml

VSCode will present with a checklist of "getting started" items.

If you've never used VSCode before, take a few minutes to go through the fundamentals tutorial.

You can change the default theme if you wish. I'm going to choose the dark theme.

point it at the host /opt dir

Probably, you want to edit config files for the apps, which are in /opt.

The host /opt dir is mounted into the container as /host_opt/.

Choose File -> Open Folder... from the hamburger menu on the upper left:

Navigate to /host_opt/, click the arrow:

and you should be presented with your /opt directory. Most of the things you will want to edit are here.

This should stick the next time you load the app.

install some extensions

I suggest you install a few extensions:

Click on the Extensions icon on the left, then type the name of the extension into the search box, and click the "install" button.



Redhat YAML:

Better TOML:

Those are just suggestions; install others if you prefer.

Now, with these extensions installed, you should have syntax highlighting and indentation coloring for: