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This is a quick guide to installing and configuring a Tautulli custom script. It will teach you how to download and configure a Tautulli custom script that drops Plex video streams transcoding from a 4K source.

Install the script

Access your Saltbox server as your normal non-root user.

We'll be installing the script from the JBOPS script collection.

Download the script using curl

cd /opt/scripts/tautulli/
curl -O
chmod a+x

Verify that the script was downloaded successfully with

ls -la

Configure Tautulli Notification Agent

Enter Tautulli settings and find the Notification Agents link on the left side menu.\ Click Add a new notification agent and scroll down to Script in the selection dialog.

Configuration panel

Enter /scripts/tautulli/ in the script folder and exit the text input field.

Select the script named ./ in the Script File drop-down.\ Check your previous steps or bug someone on discord if the script is not listed.

Enter Terminate 4K transcodes or something of your own choice in the description field.

Triggers panel

Put a checkmark in Playback Start and Transcode Decision Change

Notifications Conditions panel

Condition {1}: Video Decision - is - transcode

Condition {2}: Library Name - contains - 4K

Note: adjust the library name if your 4K libraries does not contain the name 4K.

Arguments panel

Under Playback Start enter the following:

--jbop stream --username {username} --sessionId {session_id} --killMessage 'Transcoding is not allowed from the 4K libraries.'

Under Transcode Decision Change enter the following:

--jbop stream --username {username} --sessionId {session_id} --killMessage 'Transcoding is not allowed from the 4K libraries.'

Finishing up

Click the Save button to save the new notification agent.

You can test the agent by attempting to play a 4K movie through the Plex web app and downgrade the quality to 2Mbit. It will be transcoding for about 5-10 seconds, after which you should get the stream kill message.

There is a list of when a notification agent is triggered in the Notification logs section of Tautulli logs.

Credit goes to blacktwin