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Plex-Autoscan Config


NOTE: plex_autoscan is no longer installed in the default Saltbox setup; it has been replaced by Autoscan. Chances are you do not need to do this setup.

The default Plex Autoscan [PAS] setup does not enable Google Drive Monitoring, and the config does not match the automated shared drive setup.

To utilize Google Drive Monitoring [GDM], you'll need to make a few changes to the config to account for your own shared drives.

If you don't want to enable GDM, you don't need to do this.


GDM is useful if you are planning to add content to your Google Drive directly, outside of Sonarr/Radarr. It provides a mechanism for PAS to pick up those changes and tell Plex to scan them. If all your content is coming through Sonarr/Radarr, there's no reason for GDM.

If you used the scripted rclone method, there is a script in the sb_gd repo that will make the required modifications to the stock Plex Autoscan config.

This script is only useful if you have used the scripted rclone method.

AGAIN: This script is only useful if you have used the scripted rclone method.

This script is going to load the config from the last script in that process, and if it finds that config unmodified [specifically the prefix found in the config, which you create as part of that process] it will exit with a message to that effect. There is no point in trying to circumvent this, since it is going to look for rclone remotes with specific names based on that prefix, which point at shared drives that it created with that prefix, etc.

SPECIFICALLY, it's expecting:

  • You've changed the prefix in /opt/sb_gd/
  • /opt/plex_autoscan/config/config.json exists
  • /opt/sb_gd/client_secrets.json exists
  • The SERVER_PATH_MAPPINGS element in /opt/plex_autoscan/config/config.json is empty

It is expecting a stock plex_autoscan config file as you will have when you have completed the install.

You will have to have completed sb install saltbox before using this script.

  1. Run the script

    cd /opt/sb_gd
    source sb_gd/bin/activate

    This is assuming you've setup the virtual environment as described in the last step of the scripted rclone method

    If that doesn't work, update to the latest version of the files from the repo with git pull and try again.

  2. Next, you will need to authorize Google Drive. To do so, run the following command:

    plex_autoscan authorize

    If this doesn't work for you, update saltbox and rerun the plex_autoscan role:

    sb update
    sb install plex-autoscan
  3. Visit the link shown to get the authorization code and paste that in and hit enter.

    Visit and authorize against the account you wish to use
    Enter authorization code:
  4. When access token retrieval is successful, you'll see this:

    2018-06-24 05:57:58,252 -     INFO -    GDRIVE [140007964366656]: Requesting access token for auth code '4/AAAfPHmX9H_kMkMasfdsdfE4r8ImXI_BddbLF-eoCOPsdfasdfHBBzffKto'
    2018-06-24 05:57:58,509 -     INFO -    GDRIVE [140007964366656]: Retrieved first access token!
    2018-06-24 05:57:58,511 -     INFO -  AUTOSCAN [140007964366656]: Access tokens were successfully retrieved!

    Note: Ignore any Segmentation fault messages.

  5. Restart the Plex Autoscan service:

    sudo systemctl restart plex_autoscan