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Usenet vs Bittorrent

Probably, you're setting this up because you're planning to download media.

To do this, there are requirements dependings on which method[s] you choose to download your media. It can either be Usenet, Torrents, or both.

i. Usenet

If you plan on using Usenet (i.e. Newsgroups) with Saltbox, you'll need 2 things: a Usenet provider and a Usenet indexer. We recommend you have multiple indexers (and even multiple providers) to better your chances of finding/downloading media.

ii. BitTorrent

If you plan on using torrents with Saltbox, we recommend you have access to a private torrent tracker as most servers don't allow public ones. However, if you still want to use public torrent trackers with Saltbox, you are free to do so. You will need to make some changes to the configuration to allow access to public trackers, as they are blocked by default.