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Accessing Saltbox Apps

Note 1: After the initial setup, it will take a a while for the SSL certificates to propagate. A side effect of this will be that certain domains were redirect to other apps (e.g. -> Just give it a bit of time and this will correct itself.

Note 2: If pages don't load at all, make sure you've set up your domain properly and also checkout the FAQ.

Default Apps

Saltbox apps will be accessed via (see table below).

App Name with domain
Jackett https://jackett._yourdomain.com_
Lidarr https://lidarr._yourdomain.com_
NZBGet https://nzbget._yourdomain.com_
NZBHydra2 https://nzbhydra2._yourdomain.com_
Organizr https://organizr._yourdomain.com_
Overseerr https://overseerr._yourdomain.com_
Plex https://plex._yourdomain.com_
WebTools for Plex https://plex-webtools._yourdomain.com_
Portainer https://portainer._yourdomain.com_
Radarr https://radarr._yourdomain.com_
ruTorrent https://rutorrent._yourdomain.com_
Sonarr https://sonarr._yourdomain.com_
Tautulli https://tautulli._yourdomain.com_

Additional Apps

Coming soon.

Next, let's discuss Saltbox' default paths.