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Updating Saltbox

To update Saltbox run:

sb update

This will also upgrade Ansible as needed and migrate the configuration files as options are added, removed or changed over time.

This updates the Saltbox files only; It does not update your containers.

For example, if a new feature is added to Saltbox, sb update will get that new feature. If a new version of Radarr is available, sb update will not update your Radarr to that new version.

Updating apps

Generally, to update individual applications, run the tag for that application. For example,

sb install radarr

This will retrieve the current version of the Radarr image and recreate the container, which will update the application version.

The same thing happens if you run one of the top-level tags:

sb install saltbox

This will do as above for all the containers installed by the saltbox tag.

Next, let's discuss how you will access the applications.