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What is it?

DelugeVPN is a VPN version of Deluge with OpenVPN to ensure a secure and private connection to the Internet, including use of iptables to prevent IP leakage when the tunnel is down.

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1. Installation

sb install sandbox-delugevpn

2. URL

  • To access DelugeVPN, visit https://delugevpn._yourdomain.com_

3. Setup

See the parent Deluge role for app setup.

   vpn_endpoint: netherlands.ovpn
   vpn_pass: your_vpn_password
   vpn_prov: pia
   vpn_user: your_vpn_username
   vpn_client: wireguard # 'wireguard' or 'openvpn'

For Private Internet Access

  • Add your user name and password
  • Change the vpn_endpoint to your chosen server. Note that PIA occasionally changes which servers have port forwarding. The Netherlands server no longer offers port forwarding. See configuration section for more details.

For other VPN providers

  • Add your user name and password
  • Change vpn_prov to custom
  • Leave vpn_endpoint as netherlands.ovpn
  • Follow step 2 below then immediately follow step 3

Run the DelugeVPN Role

sb install sandbox-delugevpn

Configuring Server for Custom VPN providers (only for non-pia)**

Why you need to do this

For custom VPN providers, delugevpn needs an ovpn file to complete the install properly. It can check for a custom file in the /opt/delugevpn/openvpn folder, but this folder does not yet exist. Therefore, we will first use PIA's netherlands.ovpn file, which we will modify later to have our own VPN provider details.

The steps above have created some files in /opt/delugevpn/openvpn.

  • ca.rsa.2048.crt - Leave this
  • crl.rsa.2048.pem - Leave this
  • credentials.conf - Leave this. Your VPN username and password are stored here.
  • netherlands.ovpn - Your server details are stored here. We will change this.
docker stop delugevpn
cd /opt/delugevpn/openvpn
rm netherlands.ovpn

Now you can upload your own .ovpn file from your VPN provider, renamed as netherlands.ovpn. If your VPN provider has also included a ca.crt file, upload that file as well. Upload one or both files into /opt/delugevpn/openvpn.


Do not rename the original netherlands.ovpn file if you're using Filezilla. delugevpn will automatically use the renamed file instead of netherlands.ovpn and your newly uploaded .ovpn file will still be ignored.

Now you can restart the docker

docker start delugevpn



  • vpn_user: Your PIA user name

  • vpn_pass: Your PIA password

  • vpn_prov: pia

  • vpn_endpoint: netherlands.ovpn

Included PIA OpenVPN end point options are.

Endpoint Endpoint Endpoint Endpoint
albania.ovpn egypt.ovpn monaco.ovpn uk_london.ovp
algeria.ovpn finland.ovpn mongolia.ovpn uk_manchester.ovpn
andorra.ovpn france.ovpn montenegro.ovpn uk_southampton.ovpn
argentina.ovpn georgia.ovpn morocco.ovpn ukraine.ovpn
armenia.ovpn greece.ovpn netherlands.ovpn united_arab_emirates.ovpn
au_melbourne.ovpn greenland.ovpn new_zealand.ovpn us_atlanta.ovpn
au_perth.ovpn hong_kong.ovpn nigeria.ovpn us_california.ovpn
au_sydney.ovpn hungary.ovpn norway.ovpn us_chicago.ovpn
austria.ovpn iceland.ovpn panama.ovpn us_denver.ovpn
bahamas.ovpn india.ovpn philippines.ovpn us_east.ovpn
bangladesh.ovpn ireland.ovpn poland.ovpn us_florida.ovpn
belgium.ovpn isle_of_man.ovpn portugal.ovpn us_houston.ovpn
brazil.ovpn israel.ovpn qatar.ovpn us_las_vegas.ovpn
bulgaria.ovpn italy.ovpn romania.ovpn us_new_york.ovpn
ca_montreal.ovpn japan.ovpn saudi_arabia.ovpn us_seattle.ovpn
ca_ontario.ovpn kazakhstan.ovpn serbia.ovpn us_silicon_valley.ovpn
ca_toronto.ovpn latvia.ovpn singapore.ovpn us_texas.ovpn
ca_vancouver.ovpn liechtenstein.ovpn slovakia.ovpn us_washington_dc.ovpn
cambodia.ovpn lithuania.ovpn south_africa.ovpn us_west.ovpn
china.ovpn luxembourg.ovpn spain.ovpn venezuela.ovpn
cyprus.ovpn macao.ovpn sri_lanka.ovpn vietnam.ovpn
czech_republic.ovpn macedonia.ovpn sweden.ovpn
de_berlin.ovpn malta.ovpn switzerland.ovpn
de_frankfurt.ovpn mexico.ovpn taiwan.ovpn
denmark.ovpn moldova.ovpn turkey.ovpn

As of July 4, 2020, the PIA servers that allow port forwarding, and DelugeVPN to work properly, are: CA Toronto, CA Montreal, CA Vancouver, Czech Republic, DE Berlin, DE Frankfurt, France, Israel, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden. Check the PIA website for changes if these servers do not work.


  • If you run into issues check settings.yml modified during pre install setup.
  • If your endpoint has spaces you can use single quotes in the settings.yml ex.) vpn_endpoint: 'CA Toronto.ovpn'
  • After checking/fixing settings.yml execute sudo rm -rf /opt/delugevpn
  • WARNING: this will delete all files and folder in /opt/delugevpn, backup first if you need anything)
  • Follow installation steps above again

For app specific instructions refer to the parent role