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What is it?

Dockwatch is a simple UI driven way to manage updates & notifications for Docker containers.

  • Link and control multiple servers
  • Automatically locate and match container icons for non Unraid usage
  • Update schedules for container image tags by a container basis
  • Notifications by a container basis
  • Automatically try to restart unhealthy containers
  • Mass prune orphan images, volumes & networks
  • Mass actions for containers [(re-)start/stop, pull, update]
  • Group containers in a table view for easier management


By default, the role is protected behind your Authelia/SSO middleware.

Dockwatch is likely unable to take action on containers due to the security posture of the Docker socket proxy. You can override this behavior to allow Dockwatch to take actions by adding dockwatch_post_enable: true to your inventory entries.

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1. Installation

sb install sandbox-dockwatch

2. URL

  • To access dockwatch, visit https://dockwatch._yourdomain.com_

3. Setup

Set up the update options first, if you want to set them all at the same time use the updates or frequency button in the top right corner.

Add your notifiarr API key in the notification tab in order to set up notifications.