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What is it?

Doplarr is a chatbot used to simplify using services like Sonarr/Radarr/Overseer via the use of chat. Current platform is Discord only.

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Setup Doplarr

1. Create Discord bot

  1. Create a new Application in Discord
  2. Go to the Bot tab and add a new bot
  3. Copy out the token and paste it in /opt/sandbox/settings.yaml in the doplarr.discord_token field.
  4. Go to OAuth2 and under "OAuth2 URL Generator", enable applications.commands and bot
  5. Copy the resulting URL and open it in your browser in order to invite your bot to your discord channel.

2. Set up overseer parameters

  1. In /opt/sandbox/settings.yaml : set up the overseer url in the corresponding field doplarr.overseerr_url according to your setings. If you have not customize saltbox settings, the default url http://overseerr:5055 should be correct.
  2. In /opt/sandbox/settings.yaml : set up the overseer API key in the corresponding field doplarr.overseerr_api according to your overseer settings. You can get your api keys in your main setting page in overseer: https://overseerr._yourdomain.com_/settings

3. Installation

sb install sandbox-doplarr


📢 You may also override the default setting of Doplarr working with overseer, to work with Sonarr and Radarr. Additional informations here Documentation . The recommended way to customize these parameters is to use the [inventory](../../saltbox/inventory/ : You should edit /srv/git/saltbox/inventories/host_vars/localhost.yml and add the following section:

yaml ### Custom settings for Doplarr ### doplarr_docker_envs_defaults: SONARR__URL: "http://sonarr:8989" RADARR__URL: "http://radarr:7878" SONARR__API: sonarr_api RADARR__API: radarr_api DISCORD__TOKEN: your_discord_bot_token