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What is it?

Funkwhale is a modern, self-hosted, free and open-source music server.

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1. Installation

sb install sandbox-funkwhale

2. URL

  • To access Funkwhale, visit https://funkwhale._yourdomain.com_

3. Setup

  • First create the superuser

  • docker exec -it funkwhale manage createsuperuser
    (for ease of access, set it as your Saltbox user and password.)

  • enter the exit command when finished to return to your server's shell.

  • Now configure these settings via the web GUI

  • Access Funkwhale, visit https://funkwhale._yourdomain.com_ and log in with the user and password you just created.

  • Enter Music->Add Content->Create a new Library and fill out the information.
  • Enter your new Library and Details. There will be a sharing link such as:
  • Copy out the last portion: da8bd97b-3c3f-4e7b-92cb-6ba45721837b

  • Return to the shell session to import music library

  • docker exec -it funkwhale /usr/bin/python3 /app/api/ import_files da8bd97b-3c3f-4e7b-92cb-6ba45721837b "/music/Media/Audio/Music/**/**/*.flac" --in-place --async --recursive

The above line explained:

  • docker exec -it funkwhale /usr/bin/python3 /app/api/ import_files tells funkwhale to import music.
  • da8bd97b-3c3f-4e7b-92cb-6ba45721837b is your library id
  • "/music/Media/Audio/Music/**/**/*.flac" is the path to your media.
  • --in-place means do not copy the media into Funkwhale and leave it where it is.
  • --async means it will import the music first and then pull the metadata`
  • --recursive will recursively scan the folders

If everything goes as planned you'll get prompted like this:

> Checking imported paths against settings.MUSIC_DIRECTORY_PATH
> Import summary:
> - 149828 files found matching this pattern: ['/music/Media/Audio/Music/**/**/*.flac']

> - 0 files already found in database
> - 149828 new files
> Selected options: in place
> Are you sure you want to do this?
> Type 'yes' to continue, or 'no' to cancel:
  • Answer yes at the prompt and the import will begin.


Useful URLs
Libraries URL:
Admin Account Edit Page:


If you want to use subsonic clients then you'll need to set a password here: (subsonic protocol requires storing password in cleartext, so to avoid compromising your Funkwhale account, we use a different password).

Additional Information: