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What is it?

Homarr is a simple and modern homepage for your server that helps you access all of your services in one place. It integrates with the services you use to display useful information or control them. It's easy to install and supports many different devices.

  • Integrates with services you use.
  • Search the web directly from your homepage.
  • Search overseerr directly from your homepage.
  • Real-time status indicator for every service.
  • Automatically finds icons while you type the name of a service.
  • Widgets that can display all types of information.


By default, the role is protected behind your Authelia/SSO middleware. You will also have to log into the app itself.

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Recommended install types: Saltbox, Core

1. Installation

sb install sandbox-homarr

2. URL

  • To access homarr, visit https://homarr._yourdomain.com_

3. Setup

  • Default login:
Password: your_normal_password