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Minecraft Bedrock

What is it?

Minecraft Bedrock is a server for the multi-platform version of Minecraft.


📢 This server will expose the port UDP 19132

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1. Installation

sb install sandbox-minecraft-bedrock

2. Join Server

  • The server will be accessible at minecraft-bedrock._yourdomain.com_ or _yourserverip_:19132

Cloudflare CDN

If you are using Cloudflare, you will need to disable the proxy for the subdomain(s) to work correctly. This can be done by clicking the orange cloud next to the subdomain in the DNS settings. Or specify it in the inventory using minecraft-bedrock_dns_proxy: false if you have the global toggle on. Otherwise you won't be able to reach the minecraft server at all.

Change server version

By default, the server will be using the latest version available. To choose a specific version add minecraft_bedrock_version: "1.19.31" to the inventory system.