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What is it?

Run one or multiple minecraft servers with custom domains. Utilises minecraft server and mc-router to allow each server to have its own subdomain with the default port.

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Project home Docs Github Docker

1. Installation

sb install sandbox-minecraft

This will install mc-router and the minecraft server. If you have listed multiple minecraft instances, it will install these too. (See below for multi server instructions)

2. Join Server

  • By default, a single server will be accesible at minecraft._yourdomain.com_
  • If you have set up multiple instances, these will be accesible by default at instanceName._yourdomain.com_ (See multi server instructions below)

3. Multi Server Set Up

To add multiple instances, add:

minecraft_instances: ["server1", "server2"]

To the inventory files. See instructions on inventory here

These servers will be accesible at instanceName.__yourdomain.com__

So for the example above, and

4. Setup

For individual servers, you can change things such as memory using custom docker envs. See instructions on inventory here

For a single install, the inventory paths will look like this minecraft_docker_image_tag

When you have set up multiple servers, they will all use the minecraft_docker_image_tag settings as a default. To override this use the instance name instead. E.g instanceName_docker_image_tag