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What is it?

Run one or multiple minecraft servers with custom subdomains. Utilizes Minecraft server and MC-Router to allow each server to have its own subdomain with the default port.

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1. Installation

sb install sandbox-minecraft

This will install mc-router and the minecraft server. If you have listed multiple minecraft instances, it will install these too. (See below for multi server instructions)

2. Join Server

Cloudflare CDN

If you are using Cloudflare, you will need to disable the proxy for the subdomain(s) to work correctly. This can be done by clicking the orange cloud next to the subdomain in the DNS settings. Or specify it in the inventory using minecraft_dns_proxy: false if you have the global toggle on. Otherwise you won't be able to reach the minecraft server at all.

  • By default, a single server will be accesible at minecraft._yourdomain.com_
  • If you have set up multiple instances, these will be accesible by default at instanceName._yourdomain.com_ (See multi server instructions below)

3. Multi Server Set Up

To add multiple instances, add the following to the inventory. See these instructions on inventory here.

minecraft_instances: ["mcserver1", "mcserver2"] # (1)!
  1. This will install two servers, server1 and server2.

These servers will be accesible at instanceName._yourdomain.com_

So for the example above, mcserver1._yourdomain.com_ and mcserver2._yourdomain.com_

4. Setup

For individual servers, you can change things such as memory using custom docker envs. See instructions on inventory here

For a single install, the inventory vars will look like this minecraft_docker_image_tag.

When you have set up multiple servers, they will all use the minecraft_docker_image_tag settings as a default. To override this use the instance name instead. E.g instanceName_docker_image_tag.

minecraft_instances: ["server1", "server2"] # (1)!
mcserver1_docker_image_tag: "itzg/minecraft-server:latest" # (2)!
mcserver2_docker_image_tag: "itzg/minecraft-server:1.17.1" # (3)!
  1. This will install two servers, mcserver1 and mcserver2.
  2. This will install the latest version of the minecraft server on mcserver1.
  3. This will install version 1.17.1 of the minecraft server on mcserver2.

  4. Documentation