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What is it?

MovieMatch is an app that helps you and your friends pick a movie to watch from a Plex server.

MovieMatch connects to your Plex server and gets a list of movies (from any libraries marked as a movie library).

As many people as you want connect to your MovieMatch server and get a list of shuffled movies. Swipe right to +1, swipe left to -1.

If two (or more) people swipe right on the same movie, it'll show up in everyone's matches. The movies that the most people swiped right on will show up first.

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1. Installation

sb install sandbox-moviematch

2. URL

  • To access MovieMatch, visit https://moviematch._yourdomain.com_

3. Setup

Via UI

  • If you prefer to set up MovieMatch using a web interface, just start MovieMatch and you will be presented with a configuration screen.
    The configuration will be saved in the working directory.


  • MovieMatch can be configured with a simple YAML document, which allows connecting to multiple Plex servers.
    Here's a simple example:
  port: 8000
    - url:
      token: abcdef12346

MovieMatch will read the config from /opt/moviematch/config.yaml by default.