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What is it?

Mylar3 is an automated Comic Book downloader (cbr/cbz) for use with SABnzbd, NZBGet and torrents. Also provides an OPDS server distribution.

Mylar allows you to create a watchlist of series that it monitors for various things (new issues, updated information, etc). It will grab, sort, and rename downloaded issues. It will also allow you to monitor weekly pull-lists for items belonging to said watchlisted series to download, as well as being able to monitor and maintain story-arcs.

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1. Installation

sb install sandbox-mylar3

2. URL

  • To access Mylar3, visit https://mylar3._yourdomain.com_

3. Setup

  1. It's highly unlikely your mylar install is up to date.
    Press the Update link on the dialog in the bottom right hand corner. Mylar3 will update and then restart.

  2. Enable some authentication. Add a username and password and set your preferred login method.

  3. Make sure Launch Browser on startup is disabled.

  4. You'll need a ComicVine API Key for Mylar to be useful. Create an account, and your key will be at the top of this page.

  5. Set the Comic Location path to /comics. It will already be mounted.

  6. Uncheck enforce permissions

  7. Optional: Enable Series-Annual Integration

  8. Save and then restart the app


If you enable to OPDS server, DO NOT ENABLE OPDS Fetch MetaInfo. It queries the file system.

Download settings

(These instructions are for NZBGet. Adapt for other Download Apps)

Configure NZBGet

  1. Log into

  2. Go to Settings > Categories

  3. Scroll to bottom, click Add Another Category

  4. Name it mylar

Configure Mylar

  1. Set Usenet client to NZBGet

  2. Fill in the server stuff like it would be in sonarr / radarr / etc

  3. Set values:

  4. Host: nzbget

  5. Port: 6789

  6. Username: Your NZBGet Username

  7. Password: Your NZBGet Password

  8. Category: mylar

  9. Use SSL: No

  10. NZBGet Download Directory: Leave Blank

  11. Enable Completed Download Handling: X

Search Providers

  1. Click Add Indexer (+).

  2. Select "Newznab".

  3. Add the following:

    1. Use Newznab: X

    2. NewzNab Name: NZBHydra2

    3. NewzNab Host: http://nzbhydra2:5076

    4. Verify SSL: Disabled

    5. API Key: Your NZBHydra2 API Key

    6. Enabled: X

Quality and Post Processing

  1. Enable Failed Download Handling: X

  2. Enable Automatic-Retry for Failed Downloads: X

  3. Enable Post-Processing: X

  4. When Post-Processing move the files

Advanced Settings

These settings are up to the user

  1. Rename Files: X

  2. Folder Format: $Series ($Year) (My recommendation)

  3. File Format: $Series $Annual $Issue ($Year) (My recommendation)

See the Mylar Wiki for more information