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What is it?

Navidrome allows you to enjoy your music collection from anywhere, by making it available through a modern Web UI and through a wide range of third-party compatible mobile apps, for both iOS and Android devices.

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1. Installation

sb install sandbox-navidrome

2. URL

  • To access Navidrome, visit https://navidrome._yourdomain.com_

3. Setup

  • After installing Navidrome in your platform, you need to create your first user. This will be your admin user, a super user that can manage all aspects of Navidrome, including the ability to manage other users. Just browse to Navidrome’s homepage athttps://navidrome._yourdomain.com_ and you will be greeted with a screen like this:

    Just fill out the username and password you want to use, confirm the password and click on the “Create Admin” button.

    That’s it! You should now be able to browse and listen to all your music.


     It usually take a couple of minutes for your music to start appearing in Navidrome’s UI. <br />
     You can check the logs to see what is the scan progress. If you have a large library this may take some time.
  • Documentation: Navidrome Docs