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Notifiarr Client

What is it?

Notifiarr Client is the unified client for The client enables content requests from Media Bot in your Discord Server. It also provides reports for Plex usage and system health. Other features can be configured on the Notifiarr website.

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1. Setup

You will need a notifiar account api key to use notifiarr. You can get one by signing up for a free account.

After logging in, you should be redirected to your profile screen.

  • Click on Generate API Key (This needs to be done)
  • Select your Country
  • Select your Timezone
  • Change your Time Format to your liking
  • Select your Site Theme
  • Select your Notification Language
  • Don't forget to Save your changes

Add your API key to the Sandbox settings file

You also need to define a username and password for the Notifiarr client webui in the Sandbox settings file. You can review the password requirements here.

2. Installation

sb install sandbox-notifiarr

3. URL

  • The Notifiarr url will only display the app status https://notifiarr._yourdomain.com_

Now go to the Notifiarr website and configure your integrations and discord server. Refer to the Notifiarr documentation for more information.

The role will attempt to configure sonarr, radarr, plex, and tautulli. Other apps can be edited in the config file which can be found at "/opt/notifiarr/notifiarr.conf" in a standard install. From time to time new options will be added and an example config file can be found here.

A quickstart guide can be found on the Trash Guides website.


Snapshot Feature Support

  1. Add the following to your Inventory file to enable Privileged mode for Notifiarr and allow it access to system information

    notifiarr_privileged: true
  2. Run the Notifiarr role:

    sb install sandbox-notifiarr

Documentation: Notifiarr Client Docs