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What is it?

Omegabrr is a companion app to autobrr. It syncs monitored titles from Radarr and Sonarr to assigned filters in autobrr.


Recommended install types: Feederbox, Saltbox, Core

1. Installation

sb install sandbox-omegabrr

2. URL (API)

Local applications may query the Omegabrr server via http://omegabrr:7441/api/webhook/trigger. For external use, https://omegabrr._yourdomain.com_/api/webhook/trigger is available.

3. Setup

The configuration file /opt/omegabrr/config.yaml will be pre-filled with your new API token and your Radarr and Sonarr details, but missing an autobrr API key which you must provide.

Add your filter IDs (inside the brackets—comma + whitespace separated) to their corresponding Radarr or Sonarr instance:

      filters: [9, 10, 99, 100]

Restart the Docker container for the changes to take effect.

4. Usage

If desired, use the URL with the provided API token to trigger filter refreshes via webhook: Service