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What is it?

PlexTraktSync adds a two-way-sync between and Plex Media Server. It requires a account but no Plex premium and no Trakt VIP subscriptions, unlike the Plex app provided by Trakt.


Recommended install types: Mediabox, Saltbox

1. Installation

sb install sandbox-plextraktsync

2. Setup

Set your general preferences in /opt/plextraktsync/config.yml.

The following command will launch an interactive script prompting you for missing credentials (use this to set up

docker exec -it plextraktsync plextraktsync login

By default, the target Plex server is set to your main Plex Saltbox instance, and the sync user is set to that server's owner account. If you wish to reset this, run:

docker exec -it plextraktsync plextraktsync plex-login

3. Usage

Unattended, the PlexTraktSync instance's only task is to listen to your configured user's Plex activity and scrobble it.

The following will perform a one-time sync of the data you have specified in the configuration file.

docker exec -it plextraktsync plextraktsync sync

To get a list of commands, run:

docker exec -it plextraktsync plextraktsync --help