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What is it?

Sarotate is for rotating Google Service Accounts to spread the API load in an attempt to avoid Rclone mount file access problems with heavy API traffic.

Parses the specified Service Account files and automatically identifies the projects that they are a part of and rotates between projects where possible to spread API usage across projects.

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1. Installation

  • Before installing the role, add your SA path to the settings file in /opt/sandbox/settings.yml and supply the remotes or union in your rclone.conf file.

  • Example

  remotes: ["your_remote", "your_remote2", "your_union"]
  sa_path: "/opt/sa/all" # Change this as needed
  sleeptime: # Optional. Default is 300
  rc_port: # Default is localhost:5572
  rc_user: # Optional. Default is blank
  rc_pass: # Optional. Default is blank
  apprise: # Optional. Add an apprise url if it suits you

remotes: This will take individual drives, or a union remote, like google. Sarotate will resolve the backend remotes for building the config from /home/user/.config/rclone/. You will want to supply that name here. If you don't use a union, list all of the remotes individually here instead, formatted like it is above.

sa_path: Supply the path to the directory holding your service accounts. Our automated shared drive script uses /opt/sa/all.

Run the tag and install the service.

sb install sandbox-sarotate

To check the status of the service, you can run:

sudo systemctl status sarotate.service

You can also follow the logs with:

tail -f /opt/sarotate/sarotate.log