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Tdarr Node

What is it?

Tdarr Node is a cross-platform conditional based transcoding application for automating media library transcode/remux management in order to process your media files as required.

  • Node is described as: Processes running same/other devices which collect tasks from the Server.
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1. Installation

sb install sandbox-tdarr-node

2. Usage

The Tdarr Node is configured with the following defaults which can be modified via the inventory system.

tdarr_node_server_ip: "tdarr"
tdarr_node_server_port: "8266"
tdarr_node_node_id: "MainNode"
tdarr_node_node_port: "8267"
tdarr_node_external: false

By switching tdarr_node_external to true the node will be accessible externally via the specified tdarr_node_node_port on any hostname or IP address pointing directly to the server.

To connect the Tdarr node to a Tdarr server, set tdarr_node_server_ip and tdarr_node_server_port to the IP/hostname and port of the exposed Tdarr server.

3. Setup