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What is it?

Threadfin is a M3U proxy server for Plex, Emby and any client and provider which supports the .TS and .M3U8 (HLS) streaming formats.

Threadfin emulates a SiliconDust HDHomeRun OTA tuner, which allows it to expose IPTV style channels to software, which would not normally support it. It is based on xTeve.

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1. Installation

sb install sandbox-threadfin

2. URL

  • To access Threadfin, visit https://threadfin._yourdomain.com_/web

3. Setup

  • Access xTeVe web GUI, visit https://threadfin._yourdomain.com_/web

  • Run through the Configuration Wizard.

  • Use the following URLs when configuring your media server (e.g. Plex, Emby, Jellyfin)

  • HDHomerun Device Address (Plex) http://threadfin:34400

  • Playlist (Emby, Jellyfin) http://threadfin:34400/m3u/threadfin.m3u

  • EPG (all) http://threadfin:34400/xmltv/threadfin.xml

  • Documentation: Threadfin Docs