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What is it?

Varken is Dutch for PIG. PIG is an Acronym for Plex/InfluxDB/Grafana

Varken is a standalone application to aggregate data from the Plex ecosystem into InfluxDB using Grafana for a frontend

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1. Installation

sb install sandbox-varken

2. URL

  • To access the Varken dashboard, visit https://grafana._yourdomain.com_

3. Setup

  1. Run the Saltbox varken role to install varken/influxdb/telegraf/grafana:

        sb install sandbox-varken
  2. Add your Maxmind API key to varken.ini:

        nano /opt/varken/varken.ini
  3. Restart Varken:

        docker restart varken
  4. Visit grafana https://grafana._yourdomain.com_

    • The configured username/password are taken from your Saltbox accounts.yml file located in /srv/git/saltbox/accounts.yml
  5. Add data source InfluxDB named InfluxDB:

    1. HTTP: URL = http://influxdb:8086

    2. InfluxDB Details: Database = varken

    3. Save & Test

  6. Add data source InfluxDB named Telegraf:

    1. HTTP: URL = http://influxdb:8086

    2. InfluxDB Details: Database = telegraf

    3. Save & Test

  7. Grafana Example from Organizrr Discord (imported via Dashboards > Manage > Import) :

    from: GilbN -- Plex dashboard for Grafana @Grafana-Group for anyone using Varken Thought I'd share the dashboard I made. (with the help of Rox and Tron) You will need to add the piechart and worldmap plugins for the dashboard to work. Use the variables to set the different data sources.

    To Install PieChart/WorldMap:

        cd /opt/grafana/plugins && git clone && git clone && docker restart grafana

  8. Grafana Examples from Varken Discord:

  9. For app specific instructions refer to the grafana role,